My props have Wireless Sync option but it seems it doesn’t work. How can I turn on the Wireless option?

First of all, make sure Wireless option is ON. If you have 32Tech, 48Lite, 80HD Tech or 80Long model, Fans or Buugengs, do the following:

- Turn on the device. Then click UP and DOWN buttons at the same time. If the LEDs blink once, it means that the Wireless unit is off. Repeat the procedure – click UP and DOWN buttons again. The LEDs blink twice – the Wireless unit is on. Do the same with another device. After this check out whether the props are synched with each other.

The next way works regardless the model of your Ignis props (except JellyPoi):

- Go into System menu. To do this, turn on the device and press UP and DOWN buttons for 5 seconds until a dark-blue menu of 6 or 7 points appear. Set the light-blue cursor on 1 position and click PLAY. You are in submenu 1 that consists of 7 points. Clicking UP button set the cursor on position 3. It should be green. If it is red, click PLAY, it should now become green. Make sure that in submenu 1, position 2 is also green. Then go out of the menu by click PLAY (just this time hold PLAY button a little longer). Repeat the procedure with another device. Now check if your props are synched.


In case of some issues or questions, get in touch with us. Read more about system menu in the “Manual Ignis Pixel V3”, System menu description. 

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