Maquetas-poi de entrenamiento

Una copia de peso y dimensiones de pois de píxeles para entrenamientos

Maquetas-poi de entrenamiento
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Descripción High-quality equipment designed and made by spinner with 10-years relevant experience of spinning poi

Perfectly balanced and weighted. Great for really advanced tricks or learning the simple tricks as a beginner

Comfortable for practice. The fabric is soft and durable. It doesn’t stretch and keeps its form

Tried and tested to learn difficult tricks like isolations, airwraps, stalls, throws, floaters and pendulums. It is also possible to do even some juggling tricks

Glow in UV (white, yellow and orange pois brightly glow in UV, green ones - not)

Solid specialised fabric and long-lasting stitching

Special rubber filler inside.
They have a softer centre to allow for mistakes, which means you can practise without fear!

Guaranteed durability, withstanding hours of play and with very little to zero degrading effect

Rubberized comfortable knobs for easy handling

Bright and funky flurescent eye catching colors

Water and dirt repellent fabric and highly robust for easy care of your equipment. Can be washed in water above 60 dergrees. You should do this once a year

"Loaded with my love to enhance your practice in the art of poi"
-Ekaterina Stakanova

You can specify your preferred color when placing an order or contact your manager for help with choosing it. The color of each poi can be selected separately!
Características técnicas
Longitud total: 650 mm (255.9'')
Peso: 199 gr.
Colour: white, yellow, orange, green
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