Ignis Pixel Hula Hoop HD

Hi-resolution programmable ultra-light and slim hoop (Polypro 16/19 mm)

Ignis Pixel Hula Hoop HD
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Why do we use 3D printing?

Ignis Hoops are made of super flexible polypro – the best material for this kind of item, so slight deformations during spinning, throws, or drops will never harm the construction.

Tube-into-tube connection makes it easy to attach/detach. Non-collapsible construction makes it stronger, but you don’t have to worry about how to carry it. Just detach the edges and roll the hoop to doubled circle making it twice smaller.

Sensor de movimiento

Estabilizador de imagen incorporado

Gire lento, gire rápido: la imagen en el aire permanecerá en el mismo lugar y seguirá siendo del mismo tamaño.

Training statistics in the mobile app: the time of using props, the number of turns, throws, falls, calories spent, etc., made during the entire time working with your props

Estabilizador de imagen incorporado Estabilizador de imagen incorporado
Rotación lenta
Estabilizador de imagen incorporado Estabilizador de imagen incorporado
Rotación rápida
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419 USD
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