Ignis Pixel Knob 5 Basic (15 LEDs)

First spherical pixel Knobs. By shape, weight, and size they are identical to those you get used to. Transforms into miniature balls.

Ignis Pixel Knob 5 Basic (15 LEDs)
from 99 USD (83 €)
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Pre-order, expected delivery time is the beginning of October 2020
Descripción Ignis Pixel knobs are the first programmable LED knobs of spherical shape.

Detach the cord and use knobs as mini glowing balls. Strong elastic material gives no reason to worry about safety of the product. For children these bright, colorful balls will become interesting, nice toys.

Ignis Pixel knob is not just a glowing ball. It's complete programmable device working the same way as all Ignis props. Upload your own images into the poi: colorful patterns, emoji, effects, etc. The system of timeline sequencing allows you to set the pictures in a row, so images change while you spin the poi. You can compose up to 4 customized timelines from uploaded pictures. Totally you can upload up to 126 single pictures. For your convenience, initially you get the device with already uploaded library of pictures.

Programming is carried out in Ignis application on your mobile phone (for now works only for Android, iPhone version is being developed). This also makes your phone a remote controller for your BubblePoi: launch them and switch pictures at a distance right from the phone.

Currently, we offer three modifications of Pixel knobs: Basic, Smart, Ultimate.

Smart version additionally contains:
- Training statistics in the mobile application: you can see the number of spins, throws, drops, timing, calories, etc.;
- Image Stabilization: makes amusing illumination when the devices are untouched.
- Steel ball bearing: you can do orbitals and other tricks that require swivels. Bearings are installed inside the knob that allows to do tricks easily, unlike outer swivels on most of other poi.

Ultimate version contains all features of Smart version, but also has:
- 2 moisture-resistant ceramic ball bearings (instead of steel): apart from orbitals and other tricks that require swivels, you can get the ball rotating around its axis up to 2 minutes;
Características técnicas
Resolución: 5 pixels (15 LEDs)
Velocidad de dibujo: 1500 rows/second
Longitud de la parte LED: 35 mm (1.4 inches)
Tiempo de funcionamiento: 4h average; 40 min full white; 10h low brightness
Cantidad de colores: 16.7 million (Color depth 24 bit)
Capacidad de batería: 380 mAh
Weight: 14 g (0,5 oz.)
PixelKnobs feature set
Basic Smart Ultimate
Upload pictures support via Android application
Yes Yes Yes
Image stabilization option
No Yes Yes
Swivel inside the knob
No Steel ball bearing Corrode resistant ceramic bearing
Detachable cord, kinder ball/contact juggling functionality
Yes Yes Yes
Battery capacity
380 mAh 380 mAh 380 mAh
Average light time on 50% brightness
~4 h ~4 h ~4 h
Price for set of 2 knobs (contact with us to order 1 or 3 knobs)
99 USD
149 USD
199 USD
Pre-order, expected delivery time is the beginning of October 2020
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