Ignis Pixel 80 Long (160 LEDs)
Pois de píxeles de tamaño completó con resolución básica
Ignis Pixel 80 Long 
(160 LEDs)
990 USD (871 €)
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Meet new product
First spherical LED poi by shape, weight, and size they are identical to those you get used to.
El kit incluye
Bright and affordable LED poi sticks for amateur and professional performances. We recommend this digital poi set for those who are not ready to buy PRO equipment, but frequently use pixel stuff for large-scale shows and performances. Ignis Pixel 80 Long comprise more LED lights than Ignis 48 Lite. As a result, LED poi sticks look brighter and more spectacular from a distance. They are also noticeable at night, lamplight and in daylight.

Resolution of 80 pixels allows to upload not only text, emoji, logos, and graphic, but also photos of people’s faces. This will help to make your shows more custom and various. Ignis Pixel 80 Long also supports music synchronisation and with the help of our software for Windows and MacOS you can adjust up to 10 timelines. As you can see, this LED poi set is just as good as PRO models.
Características técnicas
Resolución: 80 puntos (160 LEDs)
Velocidad de dibujo: 1500 columnas/seg
Longitud total: 53 cm
Longitud de la parte LED: 40 cm
Peso de un poi: 190 gr.
Tiempo de funcionamiento: hasta 5 horas
The price is for a complete set, which includes:
• Pair of Ignis Pixel 80 Long (160 LEDs)
• Nylon loop handles with nylon cord
• 2 Micro-USB cable for charging and upload pictures
• 2 USB chargers
• Stylish two-ply bag with soft fleece lining
• Software for Ignis Pixel
• Basic set of images, developed by designer
• User manual (pdf)
4 cosas importantes a tener en cuenta al elegir accesorios de pixeles
Mostrar más
Cuanto más alta sea la resolución, mejores serán los detalles de la imagen.
Velocidad de dibujo
Si la velocidad de dibujo no es suficiente el pixel se estirará en un rectángulo y la imagen tendrá un aspecto estirado y deformado

Carga de imágenes, música y redacción visual de escalas de tiempo (secuencias de imágenes en el tiempo)

La aplicación está disponible para Windows y Mac OS

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Por qué lo mejor es elegir precisamente
Ignis Pixel
Cuerpo de policarbonato - resistente, como un escudo antidisturbios
LEDs de calidad, empleados en pantallas LED
Opción de inicio y control sincronizado remoto
Acumuladores de litio con carga suficiente para varias horas
Carga de las cariocas y carga de
imágenes a través del puerto USB
Densidad record de los
LEDs - intervalo de 2,15 mm
La resolución más alta del
mundo - 256 puntos
Soldadura resistente reforzada
de todos los elementos
Indicador de carga
que funciona en diferentes modos
Asas resistentes de arnés de escalada.
Hallo ,ich habe die Pois seit ca 6 Monaten . Das Produkt ist gut verarbeitet .Die Transporttasche ist schön und gut verarbeitet. Das Programm funktioniert und lässt platz für Kreativität. Das Programm setzt einen zeitgemäßen Computer voraus ! Das Produkt kann weltweit bestellt werden ,deshalb sollte dies auch für die Software in jeweiliger Sprache des Bestellers/in möglich sein! Die Mitarbeiter sind wirklich bemüht den Kunden zu beraten .Die Bildauswahl in der Software könnte üppiger sein .Alles in allem ein toller Effekt/Produkt für jeden Zuschauer.
This has been one of the best online shopping experience i have had. Nikolay helped me sort out and correct my order. I cant wait to get my poi! I know i wont be disappointed
Really guys good job the page is really nice and the sets what you show on it is really just perfect and really helping so much and the way how you answer your messages is friendly good luck guys for the best always
And burn the Price by the professional always thank you
I want to express my special thanks to the team of Ignis poi Digital! They are very helpful and friendly.And the poi of course is unbelievable, super and cool :)))
Absolutely stunning product! By far the most advanced and clear pictures pixel poi out there. If you like to spin staff and poi this'll work in your favor because you're able to connect your poi into staff. Definitely the best top of the line poi you can get, the images are beautiful :) not to mention they have amazing customer service
Got my new Ignis pixel poi 80...I was like a little girl waiting Santa Claus
What can I say....they are absolutely amazing
Thanks Chris Ignis for the help and the useful suggestions
The fantasy is life and the passions keep you young and I am sure that when I will be too old I will spin poi in my head looking the brightness of my wonderful Pixel poi
Great Service and Products , Delivered from Russia to Australia in 8 days , there always ready to answer questions , the products are professionally made sturdy and strong , easy to use software for changing images , Thanks Ignis
Simply put, you pay for what you get. The best pixel products on the market. Stunning colors, programming capability, and adaptability give you so many options. Just amazing.
Awesome product, so easy to use, the audience loved it!! and the after sales service is great as well, always available for questions. I really recommend
I am really in love with this pixel poi ! I will definitely order again. And the best thing is, if you have any questions, you can always ask someone, Dina was always there for me, which is not often found in an online shop! really great
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256 HD 256 px 512 LEDs
67 cm
55 cm
210 g
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