Ignis Pixel Downloads


New! Pixel Utility 2 for Windows and MacOS

📂For Windows Ignis Pixel Utility 2.0.4 Win (43 MB, from December 20, 2018)

📂For MacOS Ignis Pixel Utility 2.0.4 Mac (16 MB, from December 20, 2018)


  • Music upload
  • Visual timeline editing
  • Multiple device upload

Old version of software for Windows

📂 Ignis Pixel Utility 1.6.9 (22 MB, from April, 10th, 2018)



👉 Video manual, how to operate poi (Youtube)

👉 Video manual, how to use Ignis Pixel Utility 2 (Youtube)

📃 Manual for Ignis Pixel JellyPoi

📃 Manual for Ignis Pixel v3 (May’17 and later)

📃 Hi-range Remote Control Unit User Manual with DMX and without.

Picture sets for digital props

Driver installation:

You have installed the Utility but can’t see your poi in the Settings - Device list?

Here is an automatic solution for Windows users:

📁 Virtual COM port driver - download this archive, unpack all three files and run VCP_Helper.exe.

Be sure to connect turned on poi to your computer after the installation is complete.

MacOS drivers could be found here:

📁 Virtual COM port Driver MacOS

Download, unzip, run the installer and enjoy.

✉  [email protected] for any further questions and online help.

Firmware update:

Latest Firmware version:

Ignis Pixel v1 (white design, yellow power switch button, 2013-2015 years) - 1.1.1
Ignis Pixel v2 (black design, power on by “Play” button, 2015-mid 2017) - 2.1.4

These two versions could be updated through the Ignis Pixel Utility, be careful and don’t upload v2 firmware into v1 poi. Charge poi to 100% before updating.

Ignis Pixel v3 (black design, since May’17 till nowadays) - 3.0.6

New gen poi firmware update is possible through stand-alone application, ask support or your Sales Manager for it.


Previous versions:

Previous versions Pixel Utility 2 (beta) for Windows and MacOS

📂For Windows Ignis Pixel Utility 2.0b Win (37 MB, from May, 18, 2018)

📂For MacOS Ignis Pixel Utility 2.0b Mac (17 MB, from May, 18, 2018)


Old version of software for Windows

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.6.6 (22 MB, from Nov 9th, 2017)

  • Added support for new models: Ignis Pixel 32 Lite, Ignis Pixel 104 HD and Ignis Pixel 200 HD.
  • Decreased time for uploading Картинки для new models.

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.4.1 (14 MB, from 21.09.2015)

  • Improved color profiles. Pictures become more contrast and colourful, especially photos.
  • Stretching value can be set digitally with high precision.
  • Insignificant bug fixes for v1 firmware.

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.4.0 (14 MB, from 11.08.2015)

  • Support for new model Ignis Pixel 80 HD.
  • Smooth bicubic interpolation for scaling pictures.
  • All updated firmwares inside - v1 for old models with power button and v2 for new models in black design.
  • Corrected rendering speed to 2600 points per second for all models of pixel props.
  • Corrected precision of time.

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.3.1 (14 MB, from 01.04.2015)

  • Number of pictures increased to 80, number of timelines to 10.
  • Stretching range increased up to 100x - large values are good for making freezelight photo. Smooth logarithmic scale.
  • Now you can upload selected pictures - this feature saves your time during preparing your project.
  • You can apply current parameters (Stretching, brightness) to all pictures.
  • New feature Enhanced colors makes them more realistic.
  • You can prepare project in CSV file using Excel.
  • A number of other small improvements.

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.2.9 (8 MB, from 26.09.2014)

  • Works on any language Windows (previous versions worked only on English or Russian Windows)

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.2.8 (8 MB, from 29.06.2014)

  • Added support of new models Ignis Pixel 160 HD and Ignis Pixel 48 HD

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.2.4 (from 18.04.2014)

  • Project saving
  • Sort pictures in timeline list by dragging them
  • "Upload All" button
  • Improved creating picture from text
  • Charging time reduced by 30%
  • Revised battery indicator and charging indicator
  • 3-level discharge protection (see Manual)
  • Uploading picture by pressing Enter, delete picture by pressing Delete
  • Open picture by dragging image file into mode cell
  • Open file window by double-click
  • Number of other improvements

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.2.3 (from 01.04.2014)

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.2.0 (from 05.03.2014)