Ignis Pixel PRO LINE

In this article we want to acquaint you with our Pro models!

This line of pixel equipment is made for perfectionists and people who love to stand out. All PRO digital poi sets have high resolution, appropriate rendering speed and many LEDs. That’s why PRO is the best for professional spinners and those who make investments in pixel light shows.

PRO models are fully programmable poi. They have everything you need — music synchronization, ability to adjust up to 10 timelines using software for Windows and MacOS and wireless control option (not included in standard digital poi set).

Our software is simple to use and easy to install. Upload pictures, text, logos, emoji with USB and synchronize your performance with music. PRO line allows to upload photos with small details and other graphic

Polycarbonate body makes this poi very durable. Extreme life of the battery makes it possible to use these props for several hours. Bright colors (8,6 billion) and high-rendering speed allow to astonish every single spectacular.

POI PRO line includes different models:

  • Ignis Pixel 80 HD Tech. This is our flagship model for professional spinners and has the best balance between length, number of LEDs and resolution. Short length (6.7 inch) allows to do spirals, wraps, orbitals, hyperloops and even juggling them. Best choice for partner poi.
  • LED poi Ignis Pixel 104 HD.  This poi is suitable for performing technically advanced spinning with elements such as spirals, wraps and even orbitals as the previous model and allows you to draw in the air not only pictures but also photos with faces of people who are easily recognized by the audience!
  • Ignis Pixel 144 HD. Mid-size LED poi set that is also suitable for kids and easily transformed into a doublestaff with the length of 34,2 inches and the world’s highest resolution of 288 pixels.
  • Ignis Pixel 200 HD. Full-size high-resolution LED poi set for large-scale shows. This is the favourite model of Ignis Pixel CEO Grigoriy Zhuravlev and artists from big shows, such as Circus of Zapashny brothers and Cirque du Soleil. Also this poi is suitable for ladies and people with relatively short height — the total length of this model is 21.7 inch.
  • Ignis Pixel 256 HD. Extra-long digital poi set with highest resolution in the world. The length of this LED poi is quite big so all pictures are recognisable from big stages.

PRO is more sophisticated line for professionals and spinners who always improve their performances. With Ignis Pixel you will expand your creative limits, reach new skill level and create brilliant shows that surpass expectations of audience.

Top artists including Yuta Imamura, Tim Goddard, Gustavo Ollitta, artists from Zapashny Brothers Circus and Cirque du Soleil choose Ignis Pixel PRO programmable poi.

Pro models also have an additional connection system option that brings modular design and allows you to reassemble them into the following props: Staff, Dragon Staff, Double Staff, Nunchaku.

Also in our shop you can find Levistick PRO in two variations.

If you love to amaze others and want to be at the cutting edge of technologies our PRO line is the best choice for you!  

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