Ultimate Pixel LED Flying Disc

LED flying disc that draws pictures with training stat and uploading graphics from Mobile App

Ultimate Pixel LED Flying Disc
149 USD (125 €)
199 USD (167 €)
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Descripción First programmable pixel LED flying disc for Ultimate Frisbee sport and outdoor activity. Draws stunning pictures while flying.

Looking for an original gift for a man or a sporty girl? Both he and she will definitely be delighted with it!

Upload your pictures, texts, emoji, logos, patterns and effects - directly from your phone in Ignis Pixel app.
This also makes your phone a remote controller for your disc: switch pictures at a distance right from phone. Ignis Pixel app available for Android and iOS.

These discs were tested by European and World champions of Ultimate frisbee:
Despite this disc is a bit heavier due to electronics inside flying characteristics are quite close to certified discs for Ultimate such as Discraft and obviously better than many non-certified disc.

The Smart version includes:
- Training statistics in the mobile app: training time, flight time, the number of throws, spins, calories spent.
- Image stabilization: retains width and position of an image on flying disc independently of spinning speed. Makes amusing illumination when disc is not flying.

It takes 15 hours to print every disc and master spent up to 1 hour to manually polish outer surface to reduce air resistance and smooth flight.

*Training statistics is still beta and may be not accurate. It will be improved with firmware updates over-the-air.
Características técnicas
Resolución: 20 pixels (60 LEDs)
Peso: 187 gr.
Cantidad de colores: 16,7 million (Color depth 24 bit)
Capacidad de batería: 380 mAh
Tiempo de funcionamiento: 2h average; 12 min full white; up to 10h low brightness
Diameter: 27.5 cm (10.8'')
Charging time: 1 hour
Close-up rotating disc
Flying test
Why do we use 3D printing?
Why do we use 3D printing?

The case of disc with surficial channels for LEDs is impossible to create by traditional methods of industrial manufacturing – injection molding. The only way to get such geometry is additive technologies or 3D-printing

Even Elon Musk uses additive technologies (metal 3D-printing) in his rocket engine SuperDraco for Crew Dragon spaceship to create a complex system of rocket chamber cooling inner channels, because otherwise it’s impossible to make this kind of structure.

Estabilizador de imagen incorporado

Independently of spinning speed an image on the disc will stay the same size

Training statistics in the mobile app: training time and time in flight, the number of turns, throws, made while playing with your disc. List of your trainings with all the data

Estabilizador de imagen incorporado Estabilizador de imagen incorporado
Rotación lenta
Estabilizador de imagen incorporado Estabilizador de imagen incorporado
Rotación rápida
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